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Bassharp - M. Hohner 1910

Beatles Harp - M. Hohner 1964

It was John Lennon who played harmonica for the Beatles on songs Love me do, Please please me, Chains, From me to you, There's a place, (Twist&Shout) Thank you girl, I'll get you, (The second Album). Littlechild, (Beatlemania). I'm a loser, (Beatles'65). I remember you, (The lost Hamburg tapes).

This harmonica was another part of Beatle-mania, made by Hohner. Harmonica & box on a pictured display card . Each kit contained two top Beatle song hits, a basic harmonica instruction chart and a signed photograph. Only the box has "The Beatles faces on it." The Harmonica is a generic Hohner.
Sold for $2.98 each.

Canadian ace

Canadian Ace - Fr.Hotz. Lengh 4 inches,10 single holes,20 reeds, brassed plates. Convex covers finely nickel-plated with open back. Each instument contained in a hinged box. 1960's.


Chimes - Hohner 1924-1936

ChromonicaII - M. Hohner 1952-74

College Band Harp - Chechoslovakia 1930

Comet - Hohner 1974-current

Doerfel Harp - early 1900's - Doerfel's International .

Harmonica with celluloid shell. The celebrated Doerfel's International concert system. Justly famous for the general excellence of it's make and the remarkable purity and harmony and tone. Has ten holes; forty best reeds; brass reed plates and a especially desirable feature, the celluloid case,which adds not only tone but also to the ease of playing.
Price,each .45 per dozen $4.75.

from Sears Robuck Catalog 1897

Flora Harp - C.H. Weiss Ireland 1950's to 1964

Tremolo Sextet - M Hohner, Multi corncob harp, Each harp has 24 double holes,48 reeds. 1974 -

Polyphonia - No.6 M. Hohner ,Length 8 3/8, 25 double holes, 50 reeds.

"Harmonette." Hohner Harmonica.

Date Range-1912-1931

Length 4 5/8 inches. A decidedly novel and practical instrument comprising a Harmonica with 14 double holes, 28 reeds, octave tuning, tremolo style, brass plates, finely nickel-plated covers. To the Harmonica is attached a harp-shaped resonator or sound box of thoroughly seasoned wood in mohogany, ebony or bird's eye maple finish, bearing silver impressions. Reinforced with metal back finely nickel plated. Packed in durable telescope container with silver lettering. Only in keys "A,""C," and "G."
Shipping wt.,3/4 pound. price 83 cents each.

from Tonk Bros. Catalog 1928

Rollmonica - Automatic harmonica that plays a music roll just like a player piano. All you have to do is insert a roll and turn the handle while you blow; rolls were made in over 200 songs ($1.50 each) Complete with one roll,1925.

The Echo - M Hohner, length 51/8 inches, a tremolo instrument with 16 double holes, 32 reeds, brass plates, nickel-plated covers with handsomely etched designs

and turned in ends. Packed in fancy hinged box with approriate design in six different colors. Available in all keys.1924 - 1938.

Tremolo Concert with bells - turn of the century

Trumpet Call - Hohner Harmonica. Date Range 1912-1931

Length 7 inches. This double sided instrument introduces a new art in cover designing. Original and distinctive. Octave tuning, tremolo style, two different keys. 32 double holes, 64 reeds, brass plates. Brass covers die-stamped in bold relief, extension ends in ebony finish with artistic gold stamping. In highly attractive hinged container embelished with lettering and figures in gold embossing. Avilable in key combinations "A-D" and "C-G."Dozen. $30.00 .Also known as the Oriental Beauty.

Tonk Bros.Catalog1928

TuckAway - M Hohner, 10 single holes, 20 reeds, brass plates form a complete housing to cover harmonica holes while not in use. A slight pressure on the corners automatically brings the harmonica into playing position,1929 -1931.


Vermona Harp - eastern Germany 1940

Violin King -Weiss - 1920's

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