The Ponderosa Stomp takes place in New Orleans during the third week of April, as part of the yearly New Orleans Jazzfest. Consisting of two - 12 or more hour evenings featuring some of the greatest talent ever assembled for a single venue, the stomp gives incredible value for your entertainment dollar.

Dr.Ike, the promoter and his Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau, do not show a profit for this event. It's a labor of LOVE, folks!

I attended this event for the first time this year. Based on the lineup posted on the website for the event, www.ponderosastomp.com , I expected a lot. This show delivered. I am telling y'all that the Colonel got misted up more than once during this event. Other times it was the chills down my spine! Click here to view my short photo essay that tells the story from my viewpoint: Colonel's STOMP PHOTOS
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Here is what one fan who attended the stomp had to say about the event:


Posted by: michael dominici

Ponderosa Stomp 2005

Scotty Moore plays one gig a year. For the last few years that gig has been the Ponderosa Stomp. Rockabilly freaks treck down to New Orleans for their annual pilgrimage to hear Elvis Presley's original guitarist playing with an ensemble comprised of Sun Records legends. This year the Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau fanned the guitar flames with an impressive line-up featuring guitar legends Robert Lockwood, Jr., Nokie Edwards from The Ventures, James "Blood" Ulmer, Travis Wammack, Deke Dickerson, Lil' Buck Sinegal, Lonnie Brooks, Deacon John, Johnny Farina of Santo and Johnny and the wicked Link Wray who was absolutely thrashing. Bad Ass. Even most of the ladies on the bill were guitar slingers, but we'll get to that in a minute.

As usual, The Ponderosa Stomp was way over the top and totally saturated with a blitzkrieg assault on the musical senses. Every year the event is akin to having the world's greatest jukebox suddenly come alive and this year was certainly no exception. Saxophonist Ace Cannon played a terrific set of smoky anthems that sounded straight out David Lynch's "Blue Velvet." Sultry, raunchy stripper music that had ace guitarist, the unbilled Alex Chilton smiling as he played some rather tasty licks himself.

Dr. Ike comes from the Russ Meyer's school where women are warriors because every female performer on the roster performed with utter authority, flair, and just enough finesse to reduce the audience to butter. Barbara Lynn has been elevated to soul queen status as a result of her unforgettable recent performances, including a Valentine's Day set at the Circle Bar and her star turns at the Rock'n'Bowl. When she went into "You'll Lose A Good Thing" you could feel the bittersweet warmth in the room. Goosebumps, baby.

Having seen the eye-popping, mind-blowing promotional photos of Lady Bo in her heyday, I was set for something spectacular and Lady Bo delivered in spades. Dressed to kill in her hot black dress with her guitar strapped around her like a machine gun, Lady Bo put on a stunning show often stopping the band and tweaking her guitar like an electrifying lover busting out all the special moves for the wildest ride of your life. Yeah, that type of shit. She had the audience bugged out in awe of her prowess. The look in her eyes was five alarm fire and the sound that came out her guitar was strictly Jimi Hendrix in a G-string. Where does Dr. Ike FIND these people!

Betty Harris was the undisputable diva of the event descending a staircase dressed in a fine gold dress to ecstatic applause. Harris immediately dropped the bomb going from a lively introduction straight into the riveting, spine-tingling ballad "Cry To Me" which left the awestruck audience with sparkling tears dripping down their collective faces. From there she moved right into a series of classic songs written by Allen Toussaint. An amazing set for anyone; but all the more spectacular realizing that Betty Harris hasn't performed in over 30 years!

One of the Ponderosa Stomp highlights was Brenton Wood's incredibly sweet and soulful performance downstairs. Backed by an Alex Chilton led unit, the dapper Wood launched into "Oogum Boogum" and "Just Give Me A Little Sign, Girl" causing the audience to go wild on the dance floor particularly on "Psychotic Reaction.". His brief set had the audience begging for more which Wood obliged with a surprise duet with Lady Bo on "I'm Your Puppet" which he played especially for my friend Zee who had made a the request.

Another favorite moment at the Ponderosa Stomp was running into WWOZ's general manager David Freedman who asked me, "Who was that guy wailing on the organ up there just now?" I replied, "Buckwheat Zydeco!" His jaw dropped. That happens a lot at The Stomp.

With so many acts I'm bound to miss a few things and I regret not hearing Nokie Edwards, Archie Bell tearing into "Tighten Up" and James "Blood" Ulmer's solo set. However, I DID get to hear Phil Phillips sing "Sea of Love" and that was truly beautiful. Having missed the original Meters reunion at Jazzfest I was floored to hear Zigaboo Modeliste funkifrying the house down with Deacon John and "bass face" Charles Moore on "Chicken Strut" and "The Hand Clapping Song." The best funk I've heard since Skip Pitts and Fred Wesley destroyed the place with Zigaboo and Willie Tee at the Ponderosa Stomp a few years back.

There's always something just completely whack that goes down at the stomp and this year there was two things that did it. After a raunchy introduction by Dolemite, Blowfly hit the stage with these crazy little white teenage punks that came ready to kick ass in their sneakers with their crazy horns from hell. The other thing was ROY HEAD. MY GOD! After a tour-de-force performance with Deke Dickerson, Head came back for more with a ranting "Treat Me Right" in which he told the mesmerized audience that he'd been banned for a suggestive dance that he made up one night that made all the college kids go wild. A little something he called "The Crawl" then he proceded to do a back flip and land face flat on the stage where he wiggled like a snake, went into a state that could only be described as a "convulsion" then, did another flip, pointed to Deke, blew a kiss to the audience and vanished.

~Michael Dominici

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Roy Head - "Treat Her Right" - Encore

Just in case you missed it! Roy Head comes back for his encore and "Tells you the story" of how he fell off the stage drunk one night and accidentally invented a dance craze called "the Gator", then demonstrates. Mind BLOWING!

Johnny Farina - "Sleepwalk"

Some people (including yours truly, the Colonel) think that "Sleepwalk" by Santo and Johnny, is probably the greatest guitar instrumental ever recorded. What if you saw the original artist perform his big hit and he played it *BETTER* than the original recording? This short clip of Johnny Farina's performance of his signature tune at Ponderosa Stomp #4 sure makes me wish I hadn't run out of battery power with my camera at the worst possible moment! Click on the picture above to play the clip.

Johnny Farina - "Caravan"

If you look closely at this short clip, perhaps you can feel the energy Johnny is laying down in this performance. The audio is not too great, as I was standing a little too close to the speakers, but he sure is saying a lot with his body language. The man WAS ON FIRE! Click on the picture above to play the clip.

Moore/Fontana/Swan "Heartbreak Hotel"

Some people call his sound "the Guitar that changed the World". In this clip, guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer DJ Fontana, both from the band that backed Elvis P. in the original Sun recordings in Memphis, team up with vocalist Billy Swan for an inspiring rendition of "Heartbreak Hotel". Click on the picture above to play the clip.

Nokie Edwards - "Bumblebee Twist"

Do you remember the music group the Ventures? They pretty much invented the surf guitar music sound with such monster hits as "Pipeline", "Walk Don't Run" and the "theme from Hawaii Five-O". In this clip, former lead guitarist of the Ventures, Nokie Edwards, performs "Bumblebee Twist". Click on the picture above to play the clip.