Blues Harmonica Lessons

Blues harmonica lessons from the Bluesharp Page

So you want learn how to play blues harmonica?

There are lots of free harmonica lessons on the net, but here are a few lessons to get you started. They say you can learn the basic techniques for diatonic harmonica playing in about ten hours and that to an untrained ear, the only difference between a harp player who has been playing the harmonica for ten hours and a player who has been playing for ten years is the number of songs they know!

This may be over-simplification. You certainly don't learn how to improvise on the harmonica or how to play well with a group in ten hours. I know this from personal experience. However, we all have to start somewhere. That is the purpose of this page.

Here are five easy lessons I made for beginners:

first harmonica lesson

second harmonica lesson

third harmonica lesson

fourth harmonica lesson

fifth harmonica lesson

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Some of the best free harmonica lessons on the net! - I still can't believe this guy Adam Gussow gives these amazing harmonica lessons for free. Live video lessons with great background on the styles and lore of harmonica players and the blues genre.

I give diatonic blues harmonica lessons myself and I got to tell you that I still learned plenty of stuff from this guy.

He also has a lessons and personal pages at:


Really super easy online lessons for beginners and intermediate players:

Beginners' How to Play the Harmonica Guide